Diablo II Potions
Healing Potions

These potions replenish your Life over time. When using these Healing Potions it's best to run away from combat long enough for them to heal fully. For maximum effectiveness pick Healing Potions based on how many hit points the Potion heals vs how many hit points require healing. Drinking Multiple Healing Potions will cause more life to be replenished but will not cause you to replenish life any faster. It's possible to waste healing potions by using more than is necessary.


  Healing Potions Necromancer Sorceress Druid Amazon Paladin Assassin Barbarian
Minor Healing Potion 30 30 30 45 45 45 60
Light Healing Potion 60 60 60 90 90 90 120
Healing Potion 100 100 100 150 150 150 200
Greater Healing Potion 180 180 180 270 270 270 360
Super Healing Potion 320 320 320 480 480 480 640

Mana Potions

Mana potions replenish your Mana over time. Mana Potions regenerate mana much faster than Health Potions regenerate Life.


  Mana Potions Barbarian Assassin Amazon Paladin Druid Necromancer Sorceress
Minor Mana Potion 20 30 30 30 40 40 40
Light Mana Potion 40 60 60 60 80 80 80
Mana Potion 80 120 120 120 160 160 160
Greater Mana Potion 150 225 225 225 300 300 300
Super Mana Potion 250 375 375 375 500 500 500

Rejuvenation Potions

Rejuvenation Potions work instantly unlike Health and Mana Potions. Keep some Rejuvenation Potions around for desperate situations where you need instant healing.


Rejuvenation Potion Rejuvenation Potions - Heals 35% Life and Mana
Instantly Regain Life and Mana


Full Rejuvenation Potion Full Rejuvenation Potions - Heals 100% Life and Mana
Instantly Regain Life and Mana

Other Potions


Antidote Potion Antidote Potion
This potion cures poison instantly. You also receive +50 Poison Resistance and +10 to Maximum Resistance for 30 seconds.


Thawing Potion Thawing Potion
This potion instantly removes ill effects from cold spells. You also receive +50 Cold Resistance and +10 to Maximum Cold Resistance for 30 seconds.

If monsters or other players start using long lasting cold attacks you may want to start using thawing potions. They can be purchased from the Potion Vendors.


Stamina Potion Stamina Potion
This potion restores your stamina instantly. You also receive super Stamina recovery for 30 seconds.

Stamina Potions are very useful for running away from monsters in emergency situations. After continual running it's easy to forget how much stamina you have but using a Stamina potion can instantly regain Stamina so that you can run for much longer. When retrieving your body you sometimes have to travel long distances. Keep some Stamina potions around to make body recovery much easier.


You can place Throwing Potions in your alternate Weapon Tab when you find them. You can then save them for backup and use them when you run into trouble.



Rancid Gas Choking Gas Potion
This thrown potion causes poison damage to any enemy within a small radius.
Throw Damage: 72
Required Level: 16
Quality Level: 20



Strangling Gas Rancid Gas Potion
This thrown potion deals a large area of damage that lasts a considerable amount of time.
Throw Damage: 96
Required Level: 24
Quality Level: 32



Strangling Gas Strangling Gas Potion
This thrown potion causes poison damage.
Throw Damage: 24
Required Level: 6
Quality Level: 8



Exploding Potion Exploding Potion
This thrown potion causes an explosion that does damage within a small radius.
Throw Damage: 16-30
Required Level: 12
Quality Level: 16



Fulmination Potion Fulminating Potion
Throw Damage: 5-15
Quality Level: 4



Oil Potion Oil Potion
This thrown potion causes an explosion and lasting fire.
Throw Damage: 24-64
Required Level: 20
Quality Level: 28




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